Alex: Before (see after photo below).  What was my mum thinking?

About the Creation of Bolt

It all started on sunny day in July 2007

10 years ago, fresh out of university with a degree in aeronautical engineering (random I know) I attended a jobs fair purely because it was a sunny day and ended up joining an education recruitment company called jjFOX.

Initially planning to make a few quid then travel; I ended up as an education recruiter for 4 years.  It was whilst there that I learnt the basics of applying a corporate recruitment mindset to the education marketplace; a method of working that brought solutions to a further education market in need of swift and accurate results.

From Education Recruitment to American Sports

This opportunity of working with the fastest growing recruitment provider in the UK took me on the heady road of working extensively within FE, the private training sector, schools and ultimately with educators all over the UK.  After a property project and founding an e-commerce business focused on US sports, I have amassed loads of new skills.  The underlying synchronicity is the constant search to find better ways of working, and how to work best with others towards win-win scenarios.

Just another recruiter?

No.  But I understand a good deal about why you think that and why most agencies are a bad choice.  Understanding your values and providing real return on investment, a true value, is what fascinates me most of all.

I constantly have a few books on the go and listen extensively to audiobooks on Audible when I’m driving or walking my dog, Inca. This cross pollination of knowledge and exposure to new concepts helps me to give readers, job hunters and partners a unique perspective on business.  More a business partner than a CV spot trading, email spamming agent 🙂

Dad was a builder, mum in hospitality

All the work I provide through content and consultancy is the product of good old fashioned hard work.  It’s a working class family thing.  My work ethic runs in my blood.  I was taught early in life that hard work makes anything achievable.  However, only when you work smart can you reach your goals comfortably.  I enjoy helping others to do the same.

Up at 5

You’ll invariably get a response at that time if you email – in fact you’ll often get responses at weird times.  I have a young family and like to be involved in their day so I use the early morning as it’s the best time of the day to get things done.  It’s quiet and I can focus.  I use the evenings as people can speak more freely then.  The early bird catches the worm (replace with candidate, job or employer where applicable!)

I love to connect with people so feel free to get involved!


Alex Lockey, Chief Recruiter

p.s. Some of the other driving forces in life are my family, our dog, and all sports.  For my Instagram, click here.


How to Increase Applicant Volume &

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Why People Subscribe

I had no qualms about working with Alex. We have found him to be extremely competent in all he does and we would be very happy to work with him again.

Alex has a way of working that is thought out and organised, obtaining the best outcomes from all his efforts. His commitment to all that he does allied to my earlier comments.

He is honest, has integrity, and attention to detail. I would recommend working with Alex for all the above reasons, I think I have covered but not overstated Alex’s commitment and would be delighted to work with him again on future projects.

Kevin B., Director of Private Training Provider

I would not hesitate working with Alex his support network is very reassuring.

Alex has an excellent network of experts who he can call upon to assist you in your chosen field. He understands your needs and values your opinions he fully understands you needs and expectations and his attention to detail is very impressive and reassuring.

Friendly, efficient service

He was friendly, professional and approachable at all times

Excellent liaison between me (contractor) and the client; fast communications; knowledgeable

Would recommend without hesitation; for all the reasons already above plus he has a good sense of humour!

Anne P., Hospitality Trainer/Assessor