Are You Being Found Online When Job Hunting?

Work Safe,Be Safe. (3)
Work Safe,Be Safe. (3)

A sure fire way to get your details in front of prospective employers or recruitment agencies is to upload your CV to a job board. Remember to tailor your CV to what you want to be found for.

Whilst quick and easy, there are downsides to this option, namely your data being distributed far and wide, difficulties to track and trace once you want it removed from databases and lack of knowledge with what happens to your personal data.

So, this article aims to give you a few hacks to ensure you can be found online without uploading your CV to a job board. This is by no means an exhaustive list but one to cherry pick from in order to help.


The networking tool with a very social slant, Linkedin is the behemoth of the business networking world.

This easy to access and set up profile offers you possibly the best platform on which to showcase yourself. A few things to remember before citing this as the Holy Grail of online business profiling:

  • As a rough metric the word teacher yields approximately 350,000 results on Linkedin. In 2014 there were 1.3m teachers in the UK. Although a heuristic it is one measure to tell you that Linkedin only represents part of the total professional network available
  • Linkedin focuses on cumulative user figures – these total over £400m however only 25% of that are active on a monthly basis.
  • Education comes out as a top 3 industry demographic:

Prolific spamming and inaccurate inmails are widely reported on Linkedin although they have introduced measures to punish users who do this.

No matter how well you write your profile it can only be found if those looking know how to search. Within education, there is a lack of training and support for schools or colleges to recruit directly using Linkedin. Recruiters make it their business to be good at it so you’re likely to receive a weighting towards recruitment agencies in the contact you receive.

As much as it is flawed, not showcasing yourself here can be a fatal flaw (except those in IT, you may be best giving it a miss due to the notoriety of Inmail spammers…).

How to use it when job hunting

This offers you another option to profile yourself online. showcases your profile (or effectively a digital age CV) on it’s very own. It does much the same as Linkedin but provides another avenue on which prospective employers can find you.

You can import the PDF of your Linkedin profile allowing you to populate your profile quickly – be sure to check it over and tweak afterwards

Creating your own website

This is the most customizable option but perhaps the most labour intensive. A quick search on 123 Reg will give you results relating to your name. You can purchase a domain and set up a basic WordPress site in minutes.

Free or low cost templates (themes) can be used to set up your own website to profile who you are and what you do. Here are some great examples.

And here are some handy video guides on getting started.

Extrapolating this idea further, you could publish authored content (see thought leadership below), create an availability calendar (useful for contractors), create a download option for your CV (subject to spam filter) or for those of you who aren’t wall flowers upload a video profile.

With your own website, the possibilities are endless but you also must think about how you can generate traffic to the site. Linkedin and offer an off-the-shelf profile and in general an easier method for people to search for you.

Email Signature

A great way to drive traffic to your Linkedin profile or your profile is to add links to your email signature.

There are a number of signature generators on the market but I’ve found the most feature full to be Wisestamp. You can on a free account generate not only a professional looking signature but also a small personal website. See examples here.

You can add a variety of links to your signature including profile links, widgets and even a tag line telling people you’re available. For those of you contracting you could update with your availability or even a link to an online booking diary.

*For those of you adding profile links to your signature at an employer’s email address, it is worth checking the terms of your employment contract when adding. This obviously isn’t an issue for those of you self or unemployed.

The rest of social media and other solutions

You’ve looked over Linkedin, and maybe even created your own website – where now?

There exists a plethora of opportunities to market yourself to prospective employers, e.g.

…You could get active on Twitter and seek out engagement not with employer accounts themselves but those recruitment decision makers who may be active on there

…Seek out blogs or forums relating to your field of employment and post a link to your profile on there. Often worth seeking permission of the blogger or reading forum rules prior to this.

Google + has positive effects on searches relating to you on Google so it is worth establishing a profile on there and having a play around.  Plus Google Hire is coming to the UK soon…

…Establishing yourself as someone with opinion and expertise online may lead employers to seek you out. There are numerous ways to do this without setting up your own blog. You can author articles on Linkedin,, and Medium to name a few. Sharing these articles through your other social profiles using scheduling software (e.g. Buffer or Hootsuite) may help lighten the work load and spread your word far and wide.

There are 100s of books on thought leadership but worth reading Becoming the Expert by John Hayes for some advice. With regards to copywriting Everybody Writes by Ann Handley and Hooked on You by Ian Harris will help you to get going.

There is plenty more to be written and thought about when considering any of the options above and each will take time to execute effectively. Should you require any advice on the items above or just want to chat about your job search in general, feel free to reach out on Linkedin or contact me directly.

Next Steps

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