How to Maximise Your Return After You’ve Put Your CV Online

Work Safe,Be Safe. (2)
Work Safe,Be Safe. (2)

Recruitment consultancies and other (often larger) employers pay for access to job boards to access their database of CVs. By applying for a job online you also upload your CV to these databases.

Those searching these databases use keywords and phrase search methods to pinpoint those they need to find. Your likelihood of showing up in their search rests on the numeracy, positioning and prevalence of keywords (teacher or lecturer) and phrases (physics teacher or engineering lecturer) on your CV dependent on the search algorithms of the ‘job board’ and the searcher’s inputs.

So, now you’re out there for all to see, akin to putting up a for sale board up on your home or a sign in a shop window.   Your personal details are cast far and wide and can often be difficult to have removed from job boards and recruiter databases.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Take Control

It will come as no surprise that teachers are in shortage so you should expect a glut of contact from recruiters within a short timeframe. 95% of these recruiters will pedal the same messages: ‘apply for our job’, ‘have you got time to speak’, ‘can we speak about what you’re looking for’. Before you jump in and take every call going, bear in mind that not all recruiters are made equally.

Most will be working on the same job vacancies as each other. Some will not have any working relationship with the schools they’re discussing with you relying solely on the strength of your CV with which to win business.

You need to step back, establish communication guidelines (do you want calls at work?) and select the recruiters you would like to work with. Speak to colleagues, check out their websites and try to establish the pedigree of those you’re working with.

2. Keep Tabs

Lazy recruiters win business by spamming out your CV to 100s of contacts at schools and colleges often without the recipients’ permission to be on their marketing lists. This is their primary method of winning business – yes you’re business to them! They will have quotas to hit often sending 10-20 candidates per consultant per day totalling over 10,000 emails per week in many cases.  E-mail marketing isn’t the issue, zero opt-in and lack of mail relevance is.

Ask your new friends what they plan to do with your CV and have them seek your permission before your details are mindlessly sent to 100s of schools. Test their knowledge of the market through questioning. Ask more about how they do business, their company and whom they work with.

3. Choose Your Employers

In the rush to throw your CV to those HR teams, recruiters can often send your CV to employers you don’t want them to including current, former and those with a poor reputation.

Make sure to tell the agents you choose to work with who is on your naughty and nice list this Christmas.

4. Select Only A Few

If you speak to and instruct lots of agents in a small timeframe your details may cross employers’ desks more than once. Consider how this looks to a prospective employer – you may be hungry for work but you do not want to look desperate. Also, this usually results in agency bun fights with competing agencies trying to claim ownership of introducing you. This will negatively affect your chances.

Consider selecting a small number of agents to work with or simply instruct one at a time for short periods. This not only prevents you having the same conversation 10 times but you will save yourself being in the middle of the middlemen later on. A short time frame gives you insurance if they don’t perform.

5. Notoriety Wanes

Your contact from recruiters will wane over time as you slip out of their daily searches, particularly if you have given permission to many to send your CV as they’ll just spam you out on the day you add your CV online, 2-3 days after then once more if you’re lucky!


You can boost your contact by tweaking your profile or re-adding your CV. As contact wanes the nature of your correspondence changes, with calls more often being about specific roles that recruiters are sourcing for. Keep an eye out for a post coming soon on how to deal with these calls.

Your CV is already online or you’ve decided against this approach. What else can you do?

  1. Spread It About

If you’re putting your CV online then clearly you want exposure so have you put it everywhere suitable? Here is a break down of the most widely visited job boards in the UK in 2015:


It’s worth stating that different industries favour different job boards so experiment.

The top 10 as of April 2017 is Indeed (37m), (35.6m), TotalJobs (12.9m), Reed (12.6m), CV Library (7.9m), TES Jobs (7.1m), Jobsite (6.5m), Monster (5.3m), NHS Jobs (3.2m), PeoplePerHour (3.2m).

Some of these have CV databases, some don’t and some are specialist. If you want to be found then get yourself out there although a glut of contact from just 1 or 2 job boards’ worth of recruiters may be enough.

2. Other Ways To Be Seen

Profile yourself in other ways – why not use Remote, Wisestamp or Linkedin to reach employers directly. If you’re not in a job sensitive position with your current employer you can actively market yourself to prospective employers and in the process look proactive, professional and creative. Don’t hide your light!

3. Reach Out Directly

Reaching out to schools directly. It is not as scary as you think! Calling and asking to register with schools for future roles is a wise way to get your foot in the door. Doing it annually will help keep your name in the frame. In an ideal world, schools and colleges would not have to spend money on middlemen to help them recruit but we’re a while away from that still. As flawed as the system is, employers will factor the cost of recruiting into their decisions. If your application comes with a £5,000 recruitment fee premium then your disadvantaging yourself from the beginning of the recruitment process.

If you’re going it alone, you can get advice on our blog on everything from searching to preparing for interview.  Watch this space.

Next Steps

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