Welcome to the Method.

These are the simple steps we will follow to help you to recruit better.

Step I

Tell us what your problems are and what you need support with.

Step II

Discussion between us to understand and zero in on what is needed for success.

Step III

In about 3 weeks from Step II, you will start to see the difference being in control of your recruitment process methods.

How we work.

Stage 1:
Identifying your requirements

We go through an exploratory session where we work with you in identifying the goals or the main purpose of your recruitment.  Nailing down your goals helps to pinpoint your target profiles and the best methods to use.

Elements such as your level of internal resource, your employer brand, previous difficulties, volume and budget all shape the solution.

All of these elements go toward making a recruitment and retention solution that is exclusively yours and represents you to the jobs marketplace.

Stage 2:
Custom Designing Your Solution

We work with a blank canvas and design a solution based on your requirements and data from stage 1.

We DO NOT just fob you off with a OSFA 20% contingency finders fee.  Instead, we design your process from the ground up with your hiring and business goals in mind.

You will get a process that showcases your employer personality but more importantly gets results and demonstrates ROI.

We will operate in a capacity that we agree on together.  This could be as little as a one off report on your strategy or CV forwarding right through to something more comprehensive like working with me on a retained basis or as an interim part of your HR team.

The approach can vary over time.  Ultimately we love to leave a more informed employer with a robust hiring and onboarding process in place.  This should negate the need for future external consultancy or daily/hourly supply fees.

Stage 3:
Proof of Concept

As we build out and implement your solution we’ll monitor results through regular Management Information reporting.  We will be able to add or subtract services in line with improvements seen in our data.  This stage is important as you get to see what good hiring looks like and we can work out how to engender long term positive change in your organisation.

Stage 4:
What then?

After things are running smoothly, you’ll be on your way.  We’ll provide you with the support required to be self sufficient when you’re ready.  And of course, if things change I’m always on hand.

What is Needed From You?


I need to know where your problems lie and what you find frustrating. Don't pull any punches, complete frankness is the only option


I need your complete attention on the recruitment front. If you're running ad campaigns or talking to multiple agencies I need to know. I actively encourage employers to take charge of their own recruitment through use of internal resource, tech and automation rather than outsource to agents. If you need to work with agencies, I'll manage this for you.


Read my content; from the home page to our blog and the about us page, you'll see that I care about making a real difference. If I'm not making a real difference then I shouldn't be paid so I offer a no quibble 100% refund policy.

No Risk – Obvious or Hidden

Jane Lewis Guarantee

I love shopping at John Lewis, not only do they price match, but I know that if I have any problems they refund or replace without issue. I want to extend the same to you and I call it our 30 day Jane Lewis Guarantee.

Ask Anyone Guarantee

Before you buy, you can speak to anyone who has worked with me before. Just ask if you want contact details and I’ll arrange a chat for you.


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Why People Subscribe

Alex introduced us to a really good trainer, Andrew.

He’s knowledgable about his candidates, has great knowledge of the industry and communicates feedback well.

I’d recommend him; very professional.

Nicola C., Director, Private Training Provider

I had no qualms about working with Alex. We have found him to be extremely competent in all he does and we would be very happy to work with him again.

Alex has a way of working that is thought out and organised, obtaining the best outcomes from all his efforts. His commitment to all that he does allied to my earlier comments.

He is honest, has integrity, and attention to detail. I would recommend working with Alex for all the above reasons, I think I have covered but not overstated Alex’s commitment and would be delighted to work with him again on future projects.

Kevin B., Director of Private Training Provider

I get approached by recruiters all the time so was initially sceptical that Alex would be any different. They generally offer the same services for the same prices and annoy the hell out of me.

It was a refreshing change from the norm working with Alex, he listens and gives you what you need. I’ve filled 3 vacancies with him in 2 months.

He’s interested in your business and what you’re trying to achieve so he recommends the best course of action. He’s given me advice on more than just recruitment.

He has great knowledge, ability to work with people and he’s honest. Undoubtedly worth speaking to Alex about any education recruitment, I’d recommend him without a doubt. He’s also very cost effective and prices fairly.

Aisha D., Director of School Service Provider

I am able to find staff on a national basis all through a single contact, Alex is responsive, helpful and very supportive.

He provides a personal service and adapts well to continually changing circumstances. I’d recommend Alex as he works hard to make sure I get the staff I need and he gives good support. He’s a strong communicator, offers a combination of associate and full time options and has good attention to detail.

The service we get from Alex is far better than any other recruitment companies we have used; we receive a personal and professional service.

Barry M., Operations Director, Private Training Provider

I find Alex to be an extremely dedicated professional.

He knows recruitment in depth and has a great ability to work proactively with little direction. He is professional, punctual and works with speed, accuracy and independence.

I’d absolutely recommend Alex without a doubt. He grasps the objective quickly and provides thorough research and accurate documents.

Jose M., Director, Outsourcing Company