Our Agreement

If I’m working with you, I’m working for you and you’re working for me.  It’s a two way street.  I’ve asked 100s of people like you what they want – industry researched leading standards of candidate care.  This won’t be like working with other education recruitment agencies.

Perfect Match

We’re all about helping round pegs into round holes and won’t settle for less.  We won’t spam you with emails about irrelevant jobs or spam out your CV to win business.


Honesty gets you everywhere. Both job hunters and employers alike need to critique to improve and we’ll feed back to you at every stage. Zero fake adverts.

Ongoing Support

On top of our learning materials, we’re actually contactable for advice and support when you need it.  Our experts treat people as they’d like to be treat.

Local Knowledge

Well travelled, regionally based, our network won’t shoehorn you into a 200 mile commute.  Part of perfectly matching you to a role is getting the geography right for you.

Market Knowledge

Years of experience, interested and engaged with industry whether that’s in FE jobs, secondary jobs or technical training our experts are matched to your needs.

Regular Contact

You’ll hear from us plenty (but not too much).  Our content is useful, actionable and, dependent on where you’re sitting, it will help you to find work or find someone to work with.

Pay Rates

We’ll always do our best to negotiate a fair deal for those that work with us and we’ll provide you with support on how to negotiate yourself.  We give employers fair rates too.

Cut Out Agencies

Not everyone wants to work with them and we can help.  We’ll support providers to recruit directly and our job searching lessons mean the most proactive won’t ever need an agency again.


How to Increase your Pay

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Why People Subscribe

I would not hesitate working with Alex his support network is very reassuring.

Alex has an excellent network of experts who he can call upon to assist you in your chosen field. He understands your needs and values your opinions he fully understands you needs and expectations and his attention to detail is very impressive and reassuring.

Friendly, efficient service

He was friendly, professional and approachable at all times

Excellent liaison between me (contractor) and the client; fast communications; knowledgeable

Would recommend without hesitation; for all the reasons already above plus he has a good sense of humour!

Anne P., Hospitality Trainer/Assessor