Hire better people, 3X faster and with higher retention

Bolt is unique because we understand the difference good people can make.
The goalsofeverypartner and personweworkwithare valued.
Importantly,weaimtoalign with what you wanttoachieve.

The Storysofar..

Bolt was founded by Alex Lockey in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

I ͛ ve always had a passion for working with people. In my earlier days of business I recruited for the FE & Training sector for a multi-sector agency before moving on to run a successful e-commerce business and then return to the education and healthcare recruiting sectors.

After much success tackling new frontiers and running successful teams, I feel like I ͛ve seen the great, the bad and the ugly of education recruitment.

Hence, I founded Bolt.

My goal is to make hiring an honest and value adding process for all involved. This means honest, valuable and stress free for both employers and talent in the FE, HE and Training sectors.

So far, we ͛ve been able to innovate to the point where we deliver industry-leading results.

Our Core Values

Weare honest and add value
Wewant everyonetoachieve their goals
Weinnovate whereverwecan
Weonly work within the FE,HEand Training Sectors
Wewant youtoachieve the best learner outcomes
We͛refast and accurate
Weshare our success
50 s of successful placements and happy clients!

These training providers, colleges and universities trust us to hire for them & you can too!

When you work with us

you can expect...

Exceptional fill rates

100%fill rateisthe Holy Grail,it͛s not always possiblebutweget pretty darn close. What͛s thepointofusinganexpertifthey aren͛t better than a pin sticker?

Leading process delivery time frames

Weaimtodeliveratleast 2 matched and vetted profiles within48hoursofinstruction.We͛llaimtofill your role within21daysbutitwill happen quickerifyou needitto.

Higher staff retention

Put simplywehelp everyonetoachieve the best match available.We͛refocusedonlong termstrategic partnerships, notona fee for a placement.

Industry & role specific scoring

Wequantify what makes a success and help you structure yourofferingtoattract the top talent.Weencourage youtovalue add rather than just increase salary.

No stone unturned

Ifwe͛renot finding who you need they probably don͛t exist yet.Weuse all sources goingincluding a 24/7 sourcing system

Leading assessment partnerships

Aswellasour own unique scoring matrix,wepartner with leading technologies should you wishtoinvest furtherinyour assessment process.

Time to hire 75% quicker than national average

Timeismoneysoifyou need someone quickly,we͛lldedicate our expertise and resourcestomakeithappen.

Designed to raise your profile

Our hiring activities from sourcing throughtointerviewing are designed with your employerbrandinmind.Weaimtoenhance your market reputation.

No idiots or liars

Wehave anoidiots andnoliars hiring policysoyou͛llneverdeal with anyone thatwewouldn͛twanttodeal with either.

Hire better people,3xfaster and with higher retention

Supporting leading FE,HEand Training Organisations


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