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Will apprenticeships fill 6 million vacancies in the US?

The US has found itself in a similar situation to the UK: there are lots of vacancies available but they are unfilled and the unemployment figures are high because there is a skill shortage. And like the UK, President Trump and his government have determined that improving the apprenticeship situation is the way forward. In […]

Should you become an End Point Assessor?

With the changes to the new apprenticeship structure and the government’s hopes of greatly increasing apprenticeship provision there’s no better time to ask yourself this question. In 2017, it was estimated that approximately 20-40,000 end-point assessors would be needed to deliver hundreds of thousands of end-point assessments each year. What does an end-point assessor do? […]

Why FE is great for both men and women to work in?

In the FE workforce data published by the Education and Training Foundation (click here to see the report) it states that “close to two-thirds of FE staff are female” and that this is “higher than in the general UK workforce, but lower than in the school workforce where 80% of staff are female”. So why […]

Apprenticeship levy is ‘at breaking point’

In 2017 the government’s apprenticeship levy came into place as part of its pledge to increase the number of apprenticeships. The levy works by all businesses with an annual wage bill of £3m paying in 0.5% of their staff costs into the apprenticeship fund which is then topped up the government. The levy is there […]

Why become an Apprenticeship Trainer?

With the increase in apprenticeships and government aims to increase the skills base of school leavers, the unemployed and those wishing to progress in their careers, it’s a great time to become a trainer/mentor/coach. Here’s why you should think about it: Pass on knowledge and skills As an apprenticeship trainer, you will work closely with […]

The Best Interview Questions for Further Education

Whether it’s your first time conducting an interview, or your 100th, it’s always a good idea to spend time thinking about which questions you should ask and what sort of responses you are looking for. While the question focus may change slightly depending on whether you’re advertising college vacancies or teaching posts in other FE […]

Should Further Education For Adults Be Free?

Jeremy Corbyn has announced Labour’s plans to increase Further Education provision and funding for adults by increasing the adult skills budget to £3bn a year, bringing back EMA and student grants for HE, and replacing advanced learner loans and upfront course fees. But is this viable? Is it affordable? And what are the pros and […]