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How To Help Your Employees Develop Resilience And Reduce Stress

Employees suffering from stress is a major cause for concern for many employers as it greatly affects an employee’s performance and productivity which then affects costs, especially if time off work is necessary. It can be one of the most damaging elements of wellbeing to your workforce. Developing resilience is a very useful tool for […]

Building Resilience In Further Education

Resilience, sometimes called emotional resilience, is the ability to bounce back from a challenge and the capacity to adapt to face challenging circumstances, while maintaining your mental wellbeing.  Often our concerns about our ability to deal with a situation is linked to our ideas and feelings about control. Being able to take responsibility for ourselves […]

Mental Health in FE

A green paper released in December announced new mental health provision for young people, but apprenticeships were not mentioned, only schools and colleges. Yet apprentices are just as in need for understanding and support as young people in studying in other sectors. What the green paper says The green paper sets out its reasons for […]

Improving Employee Engagement in Further Education

It is well known that teaching – of any kind, at any level – can be extremely stressful. It can also be very stressful for the other staff, those without teaching roles but still heavily involved in the provision of education, even in an admin capacity. It is also quite common to discuss the importance […]

Are Arts Courses Valuable?

HM Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman has been reported as saying “Arts courses promote unrealistic career prospects to potential students”. An official report stating there is a ‘mismatch’ between the number of students enrolled on arts courses and those gaining entry into the industry seems to agree with her. The report and Ms Spielman express concern […]

How Will An Ageing Population Affect The Workplace?

Current research suggests around 30% of the UK’s workforce is aged 50 and over, and in 2016 the Office for National Statistics discovered that 18% of the UK’s population is over 65-years-old. Yet only 33% of employers surveyed by the Centre of Ageing Better said they were looking into how to effectively manage this increase […]

What Do You Need To Know About T-Levels?

T-Levels are part of the government’s plan to reduce the skills shortages, increase the employability and technical abilities of the workforce and boost the country’s economy and productivity. But what are they and how will they work? This article aims to answer these questions. What are T- Levels? T-Levels are a technical study programme which […]

Is Digitalisation Moving Too Fast And What Can You Do To Keep Up?

Digitalisation is a very important issue, especially in light of predictions of 7m adults being left behind due to digital exclusion in the next decade. Digital exclusion can be the result of many factors: lack of devices, including smart phones, tablets and PCs, which can connect to the internet and give access to the multitude […]

How To Shield Your Apprentices From The Turmoil Of The FE Sector

With some providers going to the wall one can only imagine the impact this is likely to be having on their learners. It raises questions about how we can help our apprentices during such times and perhaps even prevent them from having to deal with such turmoil. Below are a few suggestions we hope you […]