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  • Recruit better fitting people for better ROI
  • Hire 3x faster than the industry average
  • Achieve better learner outcomes
  • Win more business with better resources
  • Retain top talent after hiring them
  • Work in partnership with good people

100s of successful placements and happy clients!

These training providers, colleges and universities trust us to hire for them & you can too!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A completely unique & custom recruitment service designed to help you hire better people, 3x faster than you would through other methods and retain that hire fo r maximum ROI.

  • A service that focuses on adding value to your organisation and helps you a ppeal to your target candidates.

  • Designed to your brief and your needs.

  • We leave no stone unturned and never give up on filling a role for you.

  • A service in line with all modern recruitment techniques and technologies, we ’ re expert sourcers and maintain an engaged network of both active and passive ca ndidate pools.

  • 48 hour target turnaround on any requirement with 21 day target fil l time.
  • You get in touch with us | Here |

  • We ’ ll agree a mutual time to discuss your hiring problems.

  • We always love to meet our clients so can set up a face to face now or further down the line.

  • Once we are clear on the brief we begin our hiring process.

  • Within the first 48 hours we send you at least 2 matched candidates for your f eedback.

  • We search until we find a great match as per your instructions until approve.

  • Once you have interviewed, we ’ ll assist with any offers of employment until a candidate starts with you.

  • We repeat the process where needed to enable your growth
  • Our reputation is built on getting organisations like yours great results.

  • We have an amazing team of sourcers plus a proven recruitment process that will position you as an attractive employer and raise your profile.

  • We are trusted by amazing organisations in the FE, HE and training secto rs.

  • What you can expect with us is reliability, plus you will get a quality pr ofessional service.

Delivering Quality Education & Training is Tough

You LACK passionate educators
Holding onto your team is increasingly DIFFICULT
Hiring COSTS and TIME to hire are increasing
You CAN'T FIND the people you need in order to grow
You're ACHIEVING LESS due to the issues above



  • Imagine removing the hiring headache, what would that mean to your organisation? And, more importantly, to you?
  • We want to enable you to deliver the best learner outcomes you can.
  • We are the system at the core of your business that consistently enables you to attract, engage and retain the educators you really want.
  • Bolt is a recruitment service partner that gets it.
  • You need a highly skilled, quality led team who deliver fantastic learner attainment.
  • We want to make the hiring cost irrelevant – it will be when the value of your new hires deliver incredible ROI.
  • Best in class service, innovative ideas and, best of all, good people with great values make Bolt what it is.

How do we deliver amazing results?

We have a powerful 3 step process


We deep dive to define success not just skills

  • Top educators look for something different. We quantify this and help you to structure your offering to attract the top talent in the FE, HE or Training sectors.
  • We talk their language and therefore understand their goals and pain points – better than anyone else. Our content marketing and tone of voice reflects this.
  • We can help with your job description and we produce our own unique advertising materials, think less copy/paste of your own ads or job specs and more key attraction tools that we will leverage to increase attraction and conversion.


Candidate Sourcing

  • If we’re not finding who you need, they don’t exist. We have a “no stone unturned” philosophy and a proprietary inbound sourcing system that works for us 24/7.
  • Therefore we have access to a broader talent pool than anyone else and guarantee the best of the market, meaning higher chances of success in the role (with a 90% retention rate after the first 12 months) and improved results/contribution for the employer


Assessment & Hiring

  • We use industry & role specific scoring matrices prior to your interview stage using 10 key indicators of success. We guarantee applications within 48 hours of instruction and to have filled all vacancies within 21 days, meaning we move at a rate 75% quicker than our competitors. As a result, our partners avoid disruption, upheaval and can move more quickly in their goals/aspirations.
  • Less time spent interviewing means more time to focus on other areas of your work. We use our scoring matrix to limit your requirement to interview by filtering to the top 3 candidates. We need to craft a compelling offer that represents a 30% improvement on what the rest of the market is offering. Not just in salary but in culture, environment, challenges, job title etc.
  • We’ll help you with this, manage offer negotiation and help our new hires through job transition.

Additional FAQs

What typeofclientsdoyou service?

  • Most clients that partner with us are predominantly training providers, FE colleges, sixth form colleges, & universities that want a quality recruitmen t service that will get them better results in their organisation

How longdoI havetowaittoget results?

  • We can usually have at least 2 qualified, vetted, and interested candidates to you within the first 48 hours of instruction. Our reputation of delivering quality recruitment and meeting your deadline is what our reputation is built on

WhatifI’m not happy withmynew hire?

  • Our goal is to help you hire someone that you are going to love. We give you as many good matches as we can in order for you to make the best decision. We have an excellent & proven sourcing and assessment process starting with a questionnaire that ensures we will give you candidates that you are going to love. If you like what you see on our site there is a very high chance that we will deliver candidates that you love. If you don ’ t love your new hire, we offer a free replacement.

Where are you based?

  • We are a British company based in Newcastle- upon -Tyne. Currently, most of our clients are in the UK but we do engage with clients in Europe & Asi

Have another Question?

  • Press the ‘ SUBMIT A QUESTION ’ button below & we will answer you generally within 1-2 business hours.

Hire better people,3xfaster and with higher retention

Supporting leading FE,HEand Training Organisations

100s of successful placements and happy clients!

These training providers, colleges and universities trust us to hire for them & you can too!


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  • Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE3 1DH
Hiring Bolt
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