Are you losing out on quality educators because you don’t know how to attract and retain staff?

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Do you really understand how job seekers view your school, college or training provider?  Are you harnessing the immense potential a solid staff base can make to your learners?  Wouldn’t your education recruitment and retention strategy be vastly different if you understood how to move away from expensive options that yield low numbers of applicants who aren’t of the right quality.

If you don’t understand the simplicity & predictability of filling your vacancies, a lot of your time, money and delivery potential is going to waste.  Here is your opportunity to learn how to do it better.  To work with someone who understands the need to get off the hiring hamster wheel for good.

Bolt unravels your process

Bolt is a blended approach born out of witnessing years of bad practice and a will to make a difference. Imagine recruiting once for the right person who stays with you. We’ll help you to understand how to recruit & retain better and we’ll do it in a guise that suits you.

What’s the Catch?

I’m often asked why I give valuable information away for free or seek to make an impact where I eliminate the need to work with Bolt long term. It’s simple, I’ve learned from some great teachers in the past (yes, that’s you Mr. Crow, Mrs. Collins, Mr.s Smith etc.) so it’s my way of giving back. With the pressures faced in education today, there is a definite need to do things differently.

The information in my blog, and in our newsletter, will be very comprehensive, but always free.  I have other services and products you may like to buy but the free stuff will always be FREE.

If you doubt it, here is one of many testimonials from readers like you.  This will alleviate your fear about having to speak to what at first seems like just another recruiter.

[/vc_column_text][testimonial quote=”I had no qualms about working with Alex. We have found him to be extremely competent in all he does, we would be very happy to work with him again. Alex has a way of working that is thought out and organised, obtaining the best outcomes from all his efforts. His commitment to all that he does allied to my earlier comments. He is honest, has integrity, and attention to detail. I would recommend working with Alex for all the above reasons, I think I have covered but not overstated Alex’s commitment and would be delighted to work with him again on future projects.” author=”Kevin B” company=”Director, Training Provider” boxed=”boxed”][vc_column_text]

The purpose of this website

I’ve spent years working in contingency education recruitment, with FE colleges, PTPs and schools. I’m tired of the short term fix, bums-on-seats mentality; the get rich quick agencies and the poor tactics employed by hiring managers and education agencies alike.

The reason I set up this website is to make sure you get the best support you need on topics such as attraction, sourcing, assessing, appointment, onboarding, analysis and overall education recruitment strategy.

If you’ve been frustrated by poor advert response and, like me, you’re tired of unprofessional, crappy agencies spamming you, your search will end here.  I can give you level-headed information; all you need to know about the wild and wonderful world of education recruitment.

Think before you act

I suggest you explore the various sections of this site, and ONLY THEN, get in touch and/or sign up for the Bolt newsletter. The newsletter is FREE but it’s not thrown together for the hell of it. The content is detailed, easy to implement and always useful.

3 Reasons to get in touch

Reason 1: I haven’t touted Bolt as 1 of the 10,000 market leading specialist education recruitment agencies.  That alone should clue you in.

Reason 2: There are many detailed testimonials.  People before you have worked with me and found it extremely valuable.  Plus check out our guarantees.

Reason 3: There is no link to a careers page enticing graduates to be the next Wolf of Wall St in working for us.  And, there never will be.

Bonus: Get in touch or sign up to our newsletter and you get a free, powerful e-book.

What the free e-book is about

How to increase applicant volume and quality – you should read it because in under 10 minutes you’ll be able to increase the volume of quality applicants you get applying to your adverts.

In reality, attraction is a science.  And it’s not rocket science either.  The booklet shows you specific steps to get high numbers of quality candidates.

I recommend you read it, this bonus is free when you sign up to the newsletter.


[/vc_column_text][testimonial quote=”I get approached by recruiters all the time so was initially sceptical that Alex would be any different. They generally offer the same services for the same prices and annoy the hell out of me. It was a refreshing change from the norm working with Alex, he listens and gives you what you need. I’ve filled 3 vacancies with him in 2 months. He’s interested in your business and what you’re trying to achieve so he recommends the best course of action. He’s given me advice on more than just education recruitment. He has great knowledge, ability to work with people and he’s honest. Undoubtedly worth speaking to Alex about any education recruitment, I’d recommend him without a doubt. He’s also very cost effective and prices fairly.” author=”Aisha D.” company=”Director, School Service Provider” boxed=”boxed”][vc_column_text]

Education Recruitment – Do you want to affect some real change?

If you’re serious about making some changes to hire better, more cost effectively, and with better overall return on investment (that’s your time and money) then see the button? Fill in your details and click on it.

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Alex Lockey – Education Recruiter

P.S. I’m all about attention to detail.  However, one of my faults is to be a perfectionist; this site nearly didn’t make it as I’m so concerned about providing a comprehensive resource and an accurate picture of what Bolt is about.  You can help me by letting me know if you sport any errors by emailing me on the link in the footer.

P.P.S. Check out our Jane Lewis Guarantee.

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How to Increase Applicant Volume &

Sign Up for the Bolt Newsletter and get access to a detailed report on “How to Increase Applicant Volume & Quality (Structured tactics that get results)”

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I am able to find staff on a national basis all through a single contact, Alex is responsive, helpful and very supportive.

He provides a personal service and adapts well to continually changing circumstances. I’d recommend Alex as he works hard to make sure I get the staff I need and he gives good support. He’s a strong communicator, offers a combination of associate and full time options and has good attention to detail.

The service we get from Alex is far better than any other education recruitment companies we have used; we receive a personal and professional service.

Barry M., Operations Director, Private Training Provider

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I find Alex to be an extremely dedicated professional.

He knows recruitment in depth and has a great ability to work proactively with little direction. He is professional, punctual and works with speed, accuracy and independence.

I’d absolutely recommend Alex without a doubt. He grasps the objective quickly and provides thorough research and accurate documents.

Jose M., Director, Outsourcing Company

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Alex introduced us to a really good trainer, Andrew.

He’s knowledgable about his candidates, has great knowledge of the industry and communicates feedback well.

I’d recommend him; very professional.

Nicola C., Director, Private Training Provider

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I found it pleasant working with Alex and we have a good working relationship.

He has a professional and good approach to his work.

He’s helpful and efficient so I’d recommend him to others.

Jag S., Director, Private Training Provider


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