How Training providers and colleges can improve their careers sites

We’ve noticed that a lot of FE careers websites for colleges and training providers are dull. Seriously dull. Have you noticed it too?

Whether it’s the stock images of the smiling lecturer (she clearly hasn’t been marking until the early hours) or the generic fonts, colours and statements, not to mention the horrific application form hurdles, we started wondering – why aren’t more of the amazing minds in further education spending time thinking like businesses when it comes to their education careers sites?

In the corporate world, a business wouldn’t dream of having a website that lay dormant for months on end, but when it comes to training providers and colleges, it’s easy to look at a careers site as something that ticks a box. Sadly, in life, you’ll know that nothing worth having comes for free, and a basic careers website that is just a chronicle of further education jobs isn’t going to cut the mustard.

That’s the bad news. However, there are some easy tips and tricks that can help get your FE careers site back into business and move you away from job boards when you come to advertise your FE jobs.

  1. Optimize

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is all about the magic of creating your phrases, page layout and website code in a way that lets Google and other search engines know that your content is relevant and therefore, appropriate for displaying above other similar sites.  You’ll know that you yourself only ever really look at the first few results from a search, never delving into the other pages. That’s how key it is your site is ranked highly.

For example, your FE careers site isn’t going to attract the attention of someone looking for ‘jobs for ex teachers’ or ‘non-teaching jobs in education’ if you haven’t prepared your site for these specific searches. That means you’ll only be attracting people who already know about you.

Plus – don’t forget Google For Jobs is also on the horizon- allowing people to natively search for jobs without putting in much effort at all, it’s a great time to also refresh your skills on posting job adverts that have the right keywords and phrases in place. Get in touch if you’re finding this all a bit confusing, happy to share some advice.

  1. Create engaging content

Content is the ‘secret sauce’ to a great website. It gets people there, whether you share that content through social media, a newsletter or any other avenue. So, what can you create? Whether its success stories, viral videos, how to guides or ‘did you know’ facts, prepare for a lot of effort but great returns when you find the sweet spot for your audience. That doesn’t mean you have to start pretending you’re a digital agency and buy a ping pong table and a beer fridge, but it might mean that instead of a boring job description, you make a video on ‘how to become a lecturer at college’ with a real story. Or perhaps give out real details of adult teaching qualifications and what they’ve taught you.  You might run a video tour of your premises or go hard hitting and talk about the benefit of FE careers in general.

In summary, if everyone else is doing things one way, you have a great opportunity to stand out. Don’t waste it!

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