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Supporting Leading FE, HE and Training Organisations

100s of successful placements and happy clients!

These training providers, colleges and universities trust us to hire for them & you can too!

Delivering Quality Education & Training is Tough

You LACK passionate educators
Holding onto your team is increasingly DIFFICULT
Hiring COSTS and TIME to hire are increasing
You CAN'T FIND the people you need in order to grow
You're ACHIEVING LESS due to the issues above



  • Imagine removing the hiring headache, what would that mean to your organisation? And, more importantly, to you?
  • We want to enable you to deliver the best learner outcomes you can.
  • We are the system at the core of your business that consistently enables you to attract, engage and retain the educators you really want.
  • Bolt is a recruitment service partner that gets it.
  • You need a highly skilled, quality led team who deliver fantastic learner attainment.
  • We want to make the hiring cost irrelevant – it will be when the value of your new hires deliver incredible ROI.
  • Best in class service, innovative ideas and, best of all, good people with great values make Bolt what it is.

Praise from our amazing clients

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Barry McNamara

Operations Manager, Performance Learning Group

The service we get from Bolt is far better than any other recruitment companies we have used; we receive a personal and professional service.

James Cox

Corporate Sales–Apprenticeships

After working with various recruiters in the FE sector, Alex has shown individuality, attention to detail and 10/10 guidance compared to most when searching for the next career move.

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Why Choose Bolt?

Our reputation is built on honest relationships that enable everyone to achieve their goals.

We deliver recruitment services with a focus on finding better people, faster than anyone else and ensuring a higher chance of a successful hire.

We have an amazing team and a proven set of proprietary internal systems.

We know how to bring people together and make things happen. Our approach is not your typical corporate agency; no boiler rooms loaded with grads keen to make a quick buck.

We don’t send 1,000s of speculative CV emails per week and we ‘ll never offer multi-sector recruitment.

We ‘re dedicated and specialist FE & HE recruiters and we ‘ll stay that way.

What you can expect from us is awesome service, an innovative approach and that you ‘ll deal with good, regular people interested in what you need to achieve.

We also never give up on a search.

When you work with us

you can expect...

Exceptional fill rates

100%fill rateisthe Holy Grail,it͛s not always possiblebutweget pretty darn close. What͛s thepointofusinganexpertifthey aren͛t better than a pin sticker?

Leading process delivery time frames

Weaimtodeliveratleast 2 matched and vetted profiles within48hoursofinstruction.We͛llaimtofill your role within21daysbutitwill happen quickerifyou needitto.

Higher staff retention

Put simplywehelp everyonetoachieve the best match available.We͛refocusedonlong termstrategic partnerships, notona fee for a placement.

Industry & role specific scoring

Wequantify what makes a success and help you structure yourofferingtoattract the top talent.Weencourage youtovalue add rather than just increase salary.

No stone unturned

Ifwe͛renot finding who you need they probably don͛t exist yet.Weuse all sources goingincluding a 24/7 sourcing system

Leading assessment partnerships

Aswellasour own unique scoring matrix,wepartner with leading technologies should you wishtoinvest furtherinyour assessment process.

Time to hire 75% quicker than national average

Timeismoneysoifyou need someone quickly,we͛lldedicate our expertise and resourcestomakeithappen.

Designed to raise your profile

Our hiring activities from sourcing throughtointerviewing are designed with your employerbrandinmind.Weaimtoenhance your market reputation.

No idiots or liars

Wehave anoidiots andnoliars hiring policysoyou͛llneverdeal with anyone thatwewouldn͛twanttodeal with either.

Hire better people,3xfaster and with higher retention

Supporting leading FE,HEand Training Organisations

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